Stage 2 - Accumulation

If you find yourself already underway on your financial journey, you probably have plenty of questions about what you've seen and what lies ahead. Have I made the right decisions? Am I taking too much risk? Have I considered all my options?

Focal Points of Stage 2


With a plan in place from Stage 1, we work with you to keep an eye on the status of your financial journey.  Our advisors are available to review your portfolio and keep you informed.


Sometimes, unforeseen obstacles pop up along the way. Life changes may call for adjustments to the original plan. By being there at the beginning, we are well positioned to help plan out the necessary corrections to the course.


Even if the journey is going smoothly, we continue to help ask, "Could it be even better?" Is there a way to achieve the same result but take less risk? Is a new path available now that wasn't 5 years ago?