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Whether you are looking to add employee benefits or talk to someone about business succession, we have in-house experts to cover that.
What We Offer

From consulting on business strategies to assistance customizing a business model for your goals and objective, Hummel Group is committed to providing an exceptional experience with every facet of your business.

The Hummel Group advisors are ready to listen to your goals, passions, and objectives as a business owner and work with you to create a road map to each of them. Our team works together, combining their decades of experience and industry specific knowledge to help you implement strategies so your business will reach success today, and be ready to continue on in future generations.

From tax advantaged nondiscriminatory strategies to simplifying fiduciary liabilities, our team and their professional resources will work with you. We want to establish a long-term relationship that goes well beyond the bare minimum of business advisory services. 

Hummel Group advisors deliver value above and beyond the bare minimum of financial planning. Our Wealth Management division is the fastest growing at Hummel Group today because our experts are interested in building relationships that will benefit you and your investments in the long term. From consulting on plan design issues, to assisting with meeting your fiduciary responsibilities, to easing compliance and administrative burdens, Hummel Group is committed to delivering an exceptional experience for every facet of your financial planning.

FAQs and Details

What size businesses do you work with?

Whether your business consists of hundreds of employees in multiple locations or you're a single owner/employee operation, we have experience working with businesses just like yours and are happy to help. There's no cost for a consultation, so give us a call by clicking the scheduling link above.

Does my business have to be close to Hummel Group?

While we service many businesses located near our Berlin, Orrville, and Wooster locations and pride ourselves on a local touch, we will come to you! We currently service businesses that have operations and locations out of state, hours away, and down the street. Geography is not a limitation.

How much will this cost my business?

The initial consultation with us is always free. Because we work to match you and your businesses' needs to our wide range of expertise and service capabilities, we make sure to have flexible cost options that will fit your business. Schedule a 30 minute phone call by clicking above at your convenience to get the conversation started.