Stage 3 - The Summit & Beyond

Now that the hard work of planning and accumulation are behind you, it's time to look at the retirement landscape and enjoy the view.  Congratulations!  

We are now ready to help plan out how to enjoy what's been earned and consider how to best use these resources to achieve your retirement goals and even pass along financial encouragement to loved ones or causes you care about.

Focal Points of Stage 3


Having reached this point, we realize the journey is far from over. There are many choices to consider from here. What will your goals be in retirement? Is there enough to cover healthcare expenses? What about Social Security? Our advisors are ready to help with these next steps.

Tax Optimization

While it may be tempting to take large sums to buy that dream item, there may be tax consequences to consider that our advisors are aware.

Leaving a Legacy

Though not for everyone, many of our clients ask about passing something on to the next generation. This may mean gifts or assistance to family, churches, or charity.