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Guarantees based upon claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.


Why get a fixed annuity?

In deciding whether a fixed annuity is right for you, you should consider how it works and how it compares with other types of annuities. A fixed annuity provides a way to save money over the long term, allowing interest to accumulate tax-deferred. You pay for a steady stream of income. The insurance company guarantees your principal and a minimum interest rate. An annuity can provide you with a safe, reliable income stream in retirement.

Fixed Annuities – A Low-Risk Alternative to Savings or CDs.
Struggling to find safe havens for cash? A Fixed Annuity may be a good fit for you. To learn more about how a Fixed Annuity is a low-risk alternative to savings or CDs, check out our blog post.
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We know there are several options for low-risk investments.  We field questions every day about options, tax consequences, fees & more.  If you have a specific question about your options or setting up a fixed annuity, don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation now. We also have a blog post on fixed annuities specifically. Read it for more info.

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A CD (certificate of deposit) is a product that offers interest in exchange for the customer depositing their money in a bank account for a specified amount of time.  Most banks offer CDs and each bank may offer different interest rate options, terms, and early withdrawal penalties.

Fixed Annuity

A Fixed Annuity is an insurance contract in which the insurer guarantees payment to the purchaser a fixed rate on their contributions to the annuity for a specific time period.  The purchaser can choose to get payments immediately or defer them.




A savings account is offered by banks and is a general deposit account.  It is flexible with deposits and withdrawals so you can easily access funds when you need them. They generally have a lower interest rate than other accounts.

Important Points to Consider Regarding Your Fixed Annuity Choice
  • Payment Options

  • Fees & Expenses

  • Potential penalties

  • Tax consequences

  • Services offered

  • Creditor protection

  • Distribution requirements

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