Employee Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

If you already offer benefits to your employees, you're aware of the push for including healthy living programs to your people.  Our inhouse 4-Stage Financial Wellness program strives to apply this same approach to your employee's financial lives.  If employees feel in control and empowered with their finances, we believe it leads to employees who are less stressed, more focused and therefore more productive at work.  Call us to learn more about the setup and delivery of this program or browse through the stages below.

Financial Wellness Stages


Our program is designed to be flexible to meet your work setting. Each stage can be presented as its own stand-alone session of ~30 minutes or combined with the rest for a "crash course" of ~1 hour. It can be presented one-on-one or to groups of any size.


In our first stage, we have a conversation about getting your financial life in order. Organizing income and expenses to get a solid look at your unique financial picture. We make sure to talk about priorities, emergency savings, and provide resources to help people take control of their situations.

Debt Reduction

After organizing finances in our budgeting stage, we walk people through how to think about and reduce debt in our second stage. Again, practical tools and advice are emphasized to allow for real-life action.

Introduction to Insurance

Once a budget is in place and debt has been reduced (or at least a plan is set), we talk to employees about the necessity of covering you and your loved ones in the event of unexpected disability, loss of income, or death.  While these aren't fun things to think about, we want everyone to be prepared and families to be covered.

Introduction to Investing

Budgets are in place, debt is being addressed, and people have  insurance coverage is in place.  At this point, we talk to employees about saving for retirement in plain language and explain the basic options in their plan and beyond.

Our Presenters