Our Approach

Your Financial Journey
Helping with every stage of your financial journey.
Let Hummel Help You Create Your Personal Balance Sheet


We view the financial planning process as a road map, and it’s our job as your Advisor to help you identify the best route to get from point A to point Z, while avoiding any unnecessary detours or delays.

Using financial planning strategies and creating a personal balance sheet, Hummel Group will assist you in managing risk so you feel secure, prepared and confident in your financial future.

We invite you to meet with a Financial Advisor at Hummel Group to review your risk factors and begin the process of getting a financial plan in place that puts you on the road to reaching your goals.

Planning for 3 Stages


Planning: Before setting out on any journey, you need to plan out where you're heading and what you'll pack or pick up along the way. We're here to help plan out one of life's most crucial journeys: Your financial well-being. Learn More


Accumulation: Are you already underway on your financial journey?  We're ready to help with guidance and consulting whenever you come to forks in the path. Learn More

Summit and Beyond

Distribution: Are you nearing the peak of your accumulation stage and questioning how to safely distribute what you've gathered? We want to help make this stage worry-free and enjoyable! Learn More